HomeSmart Biography

I'm a licensed Realtor in CO and NE as well as a Mentor for fellow Realtors. Additionally I'm a certified Mediator in CO, specializing in Real Estate Dispute Resolutions and a one-stop shop, affiliated with Real Estate related professionals, i.e. Mortgage Broker, Title Co, Interior Designer/Stager, Home Inspector, Interior Painter, Roofer, Plumber/HVAC, Cleaner, Gardener/Landscaper, Floorer, etc. I make a point of keeping my business manageable so that I never put a client on wait and can maintain high standards as a professional. I'm passionate about helping others enjoy a higher quality of life. I'm quick to respond to communications, loyal and trustworthy. I go beyond the beyond to give impeccable service and take on challenges, roll with it and don't give up no matter the obstacles. Case in point, a specific elementary school was non-negotiable for one of my clients. So I canvassed a neighborhood and found a house that wasn't on the market and contacted the owner to present an offer. They accepted and the family that I represented have long since settled into their dream home. In the event a client is looking to sell or purchase outside CO or NE, I am also connected to Realtors all over the world who I can refer to.

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